Scholarship Application
Scholarship Program

Steele Cooperative Preschool values and supports families. We are pleased to offer our families a comprehensive scholarship program. Our ability to offer scholarships is dependent upon the financial condition of our preschool and available scholarship funds. Scholarship awards cover one academic school year, September–April, with the exception of the deposit – the full monthly tuition rate is required and is applied to May’s tuition.

Application Process

Scholarships for the upcoming school year are applied for during the preceding spring enrollment period. Admission is determined first, independent of scholarship requests.  Recipients will be notified of awards before being asked to make a financial commitment to the preschool. Families who find themselves in need midyear are encouraged to apply at that time.

Steele is a member of Universal Preschool (UPK) Colorado, a program which provides funds for your preschooler the year before kindergarten. Frog families residing within the City and County of Denver must apply for aid from the Denver Preschool Program  and UPK before applying for aid from Steele Cooperative Preschool.

Deadline for Scholarship Application

The deadline for scholarship application submissions is May 1st. Please Note: For families put on a waiting list or who accept positions at the school after the spring enrollment period, the scholarship application must be submitted within two weeks of accepting a position at the school to be considered. Scholarship decisions for these families will be made within two weeks of receiving the application.


Scholarship applications are kept strictly confidential and are reviewed solely by the Chairperson and Treasurer [Bylaws: Article VI F]. Scholarship decisions will be communicated to applicants by mail. Applications will be destroyed at the end of the school year. Mail Scholarship Applications to the following address:

Treasurer, Steele Cooperative Preschool, 3746 Grove Street, Denver, CO 80211

Download the Scholarship Application here.

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