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Educators believe that a partnership with parents is the biggest factor in a child’s success in school. Besides involving parents directly in their child’s education, the cooperative also gives children a sense of continuity between home and preschool, fosters friendships, instills a sense of community for both students and parents, and keeps tuition costs down.

Parent Involvement Overview


Parents aid in the classroom approximately once per month. This is a wonderful opportunity to be directly involved in your child’s education. As the aide, the parent assists the teacher with classroom activities, brings snack for the students, and lightly cleans the classrooms after class.  At least one member of a family must aide, and all aides participate in Sexual Abuse Awareness Training prior to aiding in the classroom.

Aiding Tasks and Expectations

For more information regarding what you should do when aiding a teacher in class download our aiding responsibilities and expectations document.



A parent board that is elected from the membership of the cooperative manages the operation of Steele. Each family serves on the board or one of seven committees: building and grounds, enrollment, programs, outreach, cleaning, parent involvement, and fundraising.

As committee members, parents are expected to attend committee meetings and help the committee meet its goals and objectives. Through their participation in the school and on committees, the parents are inherently responsible for the school’s direction.

Parent Board and Committee Roles and Responsibilities

For more information regarding the roles and responsibilities for each board position download our board roles and responsibilities document paying close attention to the board/co-chair descriptions.

Every family has a role in the smooth operation of the school by participating in a committee. To learn more about the various roles and responsibilities of each committee download our committee roles and responsibilities document.

Monthly Meetings

To keep you informed and to give you opportunity to participate in the school’s operations, we hold parent meetings monthly throughout the school year. At least one representative from each family must attend.

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1:6(or less) adult to child ratio

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Telephone: (303) 433-0832

School Hours:
Tadpoles 9:00 am – 11:00 am (Tuesday and Thursday)
Polliwogs  9:00
 am – 11:30 am (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Frogs 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)