It's easy to make an online tuition payment using PayPal. You can use a credit card or a PayPal account to make your payment. Please note that online payments are assessed an additional 2.9% fee plus 30 cents, to cover processing charges. To make a one time tuition payment click the link below for your child's class and use the appropriate single payment form.

Recurring Payment / Subscription

You can now have your monthly payments made automatically! Recurring payments will be made each month, for eight consecutive months, on the date you initiate payment. For example, if you make your first recurring payment on the 2nd, your tuition payment will be made on the 2nd of each month. Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow you to set a specific date for your recurring payments to occur, so make your first payment on the date you intend to have all future payments made.

To set up a recurring payment click the link below for your child's class and use the appropriate recurring payment form. To cancel a recurring payment click the unsubscribe button on the same form. Please remember to cancel your recurring payments at the end of the school year, or if your child disenrolls from Steele mid-term.

Other Payments

If you have multiple children attending Steele, or have a scholarship and/or DPP award, please use the Other Amounts form.