Dinosaur Ridge Field Trip: AM Polliwogs and Frogs

Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center (16831 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465)

The Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center does NOT have potable water.  Please bring water to drink!

This will be a guided tour and program so we are splitting up into two groups.  
**Tadpoles and PM Polliwogs:  10am-11:30am with Teacher Lorelei and Teacher Debbie
**AM Polliwogs and Frogs:        11:30am-1pm with Teacher Vanessa

Please arrive 15 minutes before your group starts.

This program is given at the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center. After meeting your docent at the Visitor Center, your group can gather on our patio area to begin your program.

Your small group of paleontologists will uncover the bones of an Edmontosaurus, a duckbilled dinosaur from Colorado’s Late Cretaceous swamps. Following a Q & A about fossils and paleontologists, the dig will begin.  Students discover up to 27 dinosaur bones and identify certain bones in order to determine the size and kind of dinosaur they have found. Finally, they do what amounts to a crime scene investigation to determine why their dinosaur was there, what happened to it, and how it died.