Enrollment Form

This form is for children who have been offered a spot in a class for the 2018-19 school year. If you missed the First Round Lottery and would like to register your child, please contact us or fill our our Registration Form.

Enrollment Form (below): Before filling out the enrollment application form, have the following information on-hand to make the process go as smoothly as possible:

  • Know what class in which your child will be enrolling. View our list of classes
  • Primary (and Secondary if applicable) Parent/Guardian contact information, including address, phone number(s), e-mail, and employer contact information.
  • Your child's medical provider, dentist, and hospital information, including addresses and phone numbers - required
  • Information for any person authorized to pick your child up from school, including yourself.
  • Information on allergies, special needs, and chicken pox vaccinations.
  • For children in the Polliwog and Frog classes, information on your child's potty-training development/progress.

Once you have this information in hand, you should be ready to fill out the application. If you have any questions about the application, please contact us.

Required Medical forms: Once your enrollment form is complete, please download the Colorado Immunization Form. Your child's medical provider must complete the Colorado Immunization Form AND provide a Letter of Good Health on the medical provider's own letterhead with the date of your child's last completed physical. Both the Letter of Good Health and and the Colorado Immunization Form must be current (dated within the last 365 days) and a hard copy of each must be submitted to the school. A copy of current immunization records on all students are required by law to be kept by the school.

Scholarships: You may also fill out a scholarship application for your child (optional).

We appreciate the use of correct capitalization and punctuation on this form. Thank you for taking the time to provide this extensive but critical data. 

Child Information
Class Selection
Select the class in which you will enroll your child.
Parent/Guardian Information
Phone / Email (please use xxx-xxx-xxxx format)
Employer Information
If you work from home, you may leave this section blank.
Medical / Dental Information
Child's Physician
Child's Dentist
If you do not have a dentist for your child yet, please list your dentist’s information in case there is an emergency.
Potty Training
Emergency Contacts (We encourage 4 emergency contacts, if possible)
Please list the names and phone numbers of individuals you would like us to contact, in case of an emergency (in the order they would be contacted). Parent/Guardians should be listed as well. At least one Emergency Contact is required to be listed.
Emergency Contact #1 (This is typically parent/guardian)
Emergency Medical Authorization
I hereby authorize Steele Cooperative Preschool to arrange emergency medical treatment for my child and understand that I am liable for any and all expenses related to that treatment.
Child Pickup Authorization (Parent/Guardian(s) must be included here as well)
Please list the names, addresses and phone numbers of all persons, including parents, authorized to pick up your child from school. Make sure to include the primary parents/guardians (i.e. yourself). Children will not be released to persons not listed on this form. You may always add authorizations at a later date.
Pickup Authorization 1

Please visit the documents section of the site to download the required immunization form (link opens in a new window), as well as other important information.

Form Submission
Please review the form prior to submission to make sure you've filled out all the information correctly. If you attempt to submit the form without required information, you will be directed to complete the form before re-submitting. You will receive an e-mail copy of the form (sent to the Primary Parent/Guardian's e-mail address) as confirmation of successful submittal. The form data will be stored in the school's database and submitted via e-mail to the enrollment coordinator.
I understand that I must pay one month's tuition to secure my child's enrollment. This payment will be used toward the final tuition payment of the school year. I understand that if I am a Frog family residing within the City and County of Denver, I will submit my child's application to the Denver Preschool Program as a condition of enrollment. Furthermore, I understand that my child's Letter of Good Health and Immunization Record (and/or exemptions) must be up-to-date or my child will not be able to attend school until documents are current.