Cooperative Philosophy

Steele Cooperative Preschool has been committed to involving parents actively and directly in their children's earliest education since 1982. The cooperative approach gives children a sense of continuity between home and preschool, fosters friendships, creates a sense of community for students and parents, and keeps tuition costs down. One of the few such preschools still operating in the Denver metropolitan area, Steele was founded according to these principles:

  • Cooperatives are voluntary & open to all willing to accept the membership responsibilities.
  • Cooperatives are democratic organizations; each member gets a vote in setting policy.
  • Members invest equal amounts of money.
  • Cooperatives are completely independent of school systems and other organizations.
  • Cooperatives teach and train members, elected representatives, managers and employees.
  • Cooperatives serve their members by working together through multi-level structures.
  • Cooperatives work for sustainable development of communities.